Ration Update

Daily Stats

Day 2

Weight: 209
Breakfast Calories: 107
Lunch Calories: 325
Snack Calories: 146
Dinner Calories: 86
Total Daily Caloric Intake: 674

Day 3

Weight: 208
Breakfast Calories: 7
Lunch Calories: 218
Snack Calories: 154
Dinner Calories: 0
Total Daily Caloric Intake: 379

Day 4

Weight: 204
Breakfast Calories: 10
Lunch Calories: 285
Snack Calories: 0
Dinner Calories:  (n/a)
Total Daily Caloric Intake: 295

I’d meant to do a daily update on the ration challenge, but I quickly saw that it would be: Meal 1: rice. Meal 2: rice. Snack 1: rice… I have spent many years in the developing world, so I’m no stranger to eating rice all the time, but it’s nice to have some variance. I have been enjoying adding lentils to my rice though and think I’ll keep that up after the challenge.

Popeye was right about spinach!

Being able to add a vegetable to my meal has changed things completely. I was terrified of not having fruit or veg all week and at least the former is satisfied. Spinach was a good choice because it weighs so little that I can consume a good amount of it which briefly makes me feel full. I was planning on cooking it, but have just eaten it raw so far.

One thing I wasn’t expecting the first day of this is how hard it is to do this challenge while I’m working. It really does require a lot of prep, and I’m usually exhausted when I get home and have a really hard time making some food. I’m learning that’s a lot of the reason why I eat junk food and maybe if I can get some rice going in the slow cooker in the morning the way many Asians do then I’ll know there’s always something ready in the evening if I don’t feel like cooking.

It’s not just in the night time when I’m tired, I really don’t want to make something in the morning either. The last two days I’ve been in a hurry to get to work and never had time to cook rice, so I just ate a plate of spinach. I wouldn’t have had that option if my friends hadn’t leveled me up, so I’m grateful for that. But there’s also a lot less calories in spinach than rice. And today, I never had leftover rice, so I ended up buying a pack of precooked rice (don’t worry, I’ll remove the equivalent amount from my quota) and because I wanted some energy for later in the day because I forgot snacks, I bought a packet of tuna which is just over the protein levelup benefit that my sponsors raised (I’ll subtract the extra from my sardine can).

So, if you’re keeping track, much of what I’ve actually had has been the level up benefits beyond the initial box! Oh, and there’s this:

I cheated once. A friend/coworker arrived today with icelattes for when we discussed a project. She’d already bought them and I’m going to be out late tonight and wanted the energy. I justified it by saying that if I were a refugee offered free food, I’d probably take it. It’s still cheating and I know it, but I had been dragging and it gave me some energy for the day, so I’m grateful and it is what it is. As Dan Savage says, if a person only cheats once, they’re very good at not cheating.

Last night I was very busy and came home late. I had a lot on my mind and realized as I was going to bed that I’d forgotten to actually eat dinner. Since I was in bed already, I just let it go and slept.

As my spinach is about to run out, I’m getting closer to the base plan. I’d really intended to stretch it the entire week, but I still have about a meal and a half if i just go that. I’ll try to get back on the base meal plan, but that might be a challenge since I’m out late tonight.

I don’t know what I’m going to do after the challenge. I’ve been wanting to go on a vegetarian diet and think I might. I think I’ll do a much better job at eating smaller portions, which is a huge success. It makes me really appreciate the importance of friends, because without the benefits they earned me, this would have been a whole lot harder. Even though I was expecting that hardship, I’m kind of glad I don’t have it!

One more thing: I had to go into the store for catfood and the aforementioned lunch today, and the grocery store was hell! so many smells. I wanted to eat everything. It was so hard to not break down and buy a buy-1-get-1-free box of chocolate muffins, or some grapes, or chicken strips, or anything else I saw or smelled. I made it somehow, but that was largely by deciding to eat an entire packet of tuna rather than stretch it out. It’s like the store triggered gluttony.

2 thoughts on “Ration Update

    1. Thank you! In the next year we’ll be starting organizing an immigrant/refugee soccer competition and I’ll definitely need some support then. Follow my blog to stay in touch and I’d love to hear your advice and thoughts when we get going with that!


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