In the news!

One of the nonprofits I work for, If You Could Save Just One, just got a large grant! I’m so excited, and happy to share the article from the Spokesman Review:

Hillyard nonprofit, which serves teens, receives $225,000 Group Health Foundation grant

UPDATED: Thu., Feb. 6, 2020 Twitter Facebook Email Reddit By Arielle Dreher 459-5467

If You Could Save Just One, a Hillyard-based nonprofit that offers art, dance and music classes and programs to youths in that neighborhood, has received a $225,000 three-year grant from the Group Health Foundation.

The grant will help the relatively new nonprofit hire a director and build its programs for youths and their parents in the Hillyard neighborhood. Established in 2018, the nonprofit will be able to offer more regular classes and programs for kids in the area.

“The kids we serve have a high risk for falling through the cracks. I knew if we provided activities such as music, cosmetology, fashion and art, we would capture the attention of teens and give them a safe place to not only hang out with friends, but develop skills and explore options for building their futures,” founder Natalia Gutierrez said in a news release.

If You Could Save Just One works to support families working through various systems from criminal justice to child welfare.

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