Real Men Don’t Threaten Kids…They Listen to Them

I’m always amazed at the amount of death and rape threats women receive every single day online. It turns out it’s not just women, but also girls and children as we have seen in the threats against Sandy Hook shooting survivors and now Greta Thunberg. In case you don’t know, Thunberg is a child activist fighting to save our species from a possible extinction-level event vis-a-vis the climate crisis. So, clearly she’s a person that conservatives see as a threat. So, here are the names and faces of some real winners who thought it was appropriate to threaten her online. Some, such as Stevie Ralph-Taylor of Bristol, Greta Thunberg ‘should be burnt at the stake!’ Remember, this is a teenager fighting for the continuation of her species, a species these men demonstrate, is clearly not the fittest. I hope the police act up. As we saw in the case of Heather Heyer, we need to take the right wing seriously.

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