Police Murder Manual

I’ve been talking for years that America’s police murder problem comes down to several factors:

  • Guns everywhere makes police terrified
  • The history that American policing was created by and for slave owners
  • Policing by force, not consent through community policing
  • The war on drugs makes everyone an opponent
  • Police unions defending murderers
  • Lack of transparency
  • Implicit bias
  • Lack of mental health support and training for the police
  • Police trained to shoot first and ask questions later (“better judged by twelve than carried out by six.”)

The final point here is one I get a lot of pushback on, but I want to present some serious evidence. I am a big fan of Robert Evans’ Behind the Bastards podcast. It takes a deep dive into many stories I’ve never heard about, with well-researched evidence. In a recent episode, he explores David Grossman, a liar and a grifter who literally trains police to commit murder. Evans’ case is largely informed by a leaked training manual that Unicorn riot was able to gain access to. Thousands of police around America have been trained with this manual, and it’s terrifying. Read a background on the manual as well as the manual itself here and listen to Evans’ description here.

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