Workflow & Software

This page is going to be an ongoing work in progress. It lists some of the tools I use to accomplish my craft. I try to stick with an open-source workfllow, but lately have found myself buying a few programs, so I’ll mark them with a ($) if they cost anything and you can assume the rest are free or donation-based. If you see that I’m missing anything great, please let me know!


  • LibreOffice
  • Freemind
  • Zotero
  • Aeon Timeline ($)
  • Scriveneer ($)
  • Dramatica Pro ($)
  • Pandoc
  • Calibre
  • Affinity Publisher ($)
  • Adobe InDesign ($)

Illustration/Photo Editing

3d Design/Video/VFX

  • Blender 2.8 is my main program for just about everything. I create 3d designs, animate, render, and composite in it. I use both Cycles and Eevee to render although I’m also exploring other render engines. I am also learning to sculpt in it.
  • VLC


  • Marvelous Designer ($) is a program I recently purchased for clothing design. I’m also exploring the Modeling Cloth addon to do similar things without leaving Blender.


  • MB-Lab and Makehuman are two apps I use to create semi-realistic 3d and anime humans.
  • AutoRigPro ($) is an addon to create humanoid rigs effortlessly. I’m tired of wasting time rigging when I want to actually be using the rigs, so I bought this to save trouble. Currently learning it.
  • X-Muscle ($) is an addon I’m currently learning to give my characters realistically animated muscles. It is compatible with AutoRigPro.
  • Voxel Heat Diffuse Skinner ($) is another addon compatible with AutoRigPro which simplifies the process of weight painting by using voxels to do it for you. This lets me more easily use clothes and accessories in my models. Currently learning it.
  • X-Pose Picker ($) The newest tool in my 3d arsenal, this tool is to help simplify the process of posing characters and will save a whole lot of time when I’ve finished learning it. Also compatible with AutoRigPro.


  • ToonKit ($) and MangaShader ($) are two addons I use to create comic-book and cartoon shading for my characters.
  • Danny Mac’s Eye Designer ($) is a new tool I bought for designing eyes. There are many ways to design eyes, and MBL/MH come with them already, but I liked the wealth of features his addon provides and it matches the style I’m wanting for my comic book. The goal is to use this tool for fast and consistent eyes.

Other 3d Tools

  • Bézier Mesh Shaper ($) is a cheap and handy addon for control vertexes in Blender with bézier curves. Very useful!